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‘There was blood everywhere’: Dennis Rodman on how he broke his penis three times during sex

Did you get past. Editorial editor in critical of Maxim. Wherever you can always break your penis.

Then — you guessed it — more blood. What Is a Fractured Penis?

In a NSFW partially animated interview, Rodman describes how he suffered three different sexcapade injuries: You Can Break a Penis? Ever had your own "party" injury? Wessells told Scientific American that you know you've broken your dick when you hear "a popping sound. Patients may require surgery, which has been shown to reduce complications; unfortunately, 6—25 percent of surgical patients still experience negative effects.

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The more you know, right? Deborah Day Deborah Brojen is a lifestyle and entertainment writer and editor. Former editor in chief of Maxim. Did you require surgery?

Now that you're brlken laughing from this candid video, hate to break it to you but breaking your dick is real. Because you can actually break your penis. Now he's come clean to Viceland about how some of those antics resulted in him breaking his penis — and not just once, but three times. Viceland Retired professional basketball player Dennis Rodman is known for his off-court eccentricities almost as much as his achievements in the game.

Rodmann broken hospital Dennis penis

This type of injury is possible and it's called a "penile fracture. The mishap is called a " penile fracture " or penis fracture and "is a brokenn form of bending injury to the erect penis that occurs when a membrane called the tunica albuginea tears," according to Hunter Wessells, chair of the urology department at the University of Washington School of Medicine in Seattle. He visited North Korea on a basketball mission and subsequently took a liking to the young dictator calling Kim Jong-Un " awesome.

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