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I bias disliked -- no, clothed is a noise word -- the gym xccount I licked across in Second Amazing, so I whereabouts avoided it. Expertise[ edit ] In terribly Linden Lab announced that, in conclusion to sales tax dollars of the Korean Union EUthey are serious to charge value clothed tax VAT to EU diamonds on all pornography winners involving the company.

Linden Lab may revoke any Lide Dollar at any time without notice, refund or compensation in the event that: Axcount acknowledge that Linden Dollars are not currency or any type of currency substitute or financial instrument, and are not redeemable for any sum of money from Linden Lab at any time. Linden Lab makes no guarantee as to the nature, quality or value of the features of Second Life that will be accessible through the use of Linden Dollars, or the availability or supply of Linden Dollars. Second Life may include a component called the "LindeX exchange" or the "LindeX," which refers to an aspect of Second Life through which Linden Lab permits Linden Dollars to be purchased by a user or exchanged by a user with Linden Lab.

You acknowledge that your use of the LindeX is subject to the terms and conditions set forth by an applicable Payment Service Provider.

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If you do not so agree, you are prohibited from accessing or using the LindeX. Linden Lab or its Payment Service Provider may halt, suspend, discontinue, or reverse any LindeX exchange transaction whether proposed, pending or past in cases of actual or suspected fraud, violations of other laws or regulations, or deliberate disruptions to or interference with Second Life. Linden Dollars may not be purchased or sold outside of the LindeX exchange. Any purchase or sale of Linden Dollars through any means other than the LindeX is not permitted and is considered a violation of these Terms of Service which may result in suspension or termination of your Account.

Second Life includes a component of Virtual Space that is stored on our Servers and made available in the form of virtual units "Virtual Land".

Virtual Land is the graphical representation of three-dimensional virtual world space. Linden Lab may or may not charge fees for the right to acquire, transfer or access Virtual Land, and these fees may change at any time. The Virtual Land License is transferable by the holder to any other user provided that both users and the proposed transfer comply with the Terms of Service, maintain their accounts in good standing, and are not delinquent on any Account payment requirements. Except as expressly permitted by this Second Life Policy, this Virtual Land License may not otherwise be encumbered, conveyed or made subject to any right of survivorship or other disposition and any attempted disposition in violation of the Agreements is null and void.

Linden Lab may revoke the Virtual Land License at any time without notice, refund or compensation in the event that: You may permit or deny other users to access your Virtual Land on terms determined by you. Any agreement you make with other users relating to use or access to your Virtual Land must be consistent with the Agreements, and no such agreement can abrogate, nullify, void or modify the Agreements. You acknowledge that Virtual Land is a limited license right and is not a real property right or actual real estate, and it is not redeemable for any sum of money from Linden Lab. Later changes to the SecondLife protocols prevented unmodified copies of CopyBot from working.

Nevertheless, the basic issue of users being able to duplicate content that is sent to them remains. Residents who copy content belonging to other users face being banned from Second Life, but Linden Lab has so far never sued any of these users for copyright infringement; since the resident creators and not Linden Lab retain ownership of the rights, it is not clear whether Linden Lab would legally be able to do so. Any user who uploads, publishes or submits any content keeps the intellectual property rights of that content, however both Linden Lab and other users gain their own rights from your content.

Linden Lab receives a content license from anything a user uploads to the server. A user who uploads their content to a public area also gives a content licence to other users as well, which allows other users to replicate and record for use in Machinima as outlined in section 7. Please improve it by verifying the claims made and adding inline citations. Statements consisting only of original research should be removed. June Learn how and when to remove this template message Second Life users are expected to obey the laws of their own local countries with regard to their actions in the virtual world; however, a problem can arise in countries which have tough laws regarding material downloaded from the Internet, such as pornography.

It is possible, for example, for a US user - even xdult a non-adult area — to approach German users and create an object displaying an obscene uploaded image which is illegal under German law but legal under US law. Seconv the US user has broken the Second Life terms of services as a result, and faces suspension or banning from Second Life, the German user has broken a real-life sex Secobd law by downloading the image and faces a far worse penalty. You are told to file reports, but you never know if anything comes from it and it seems most greifers, harassers, stalkers are not dealt with no matter how long it goes on. I find it disturbing that a site that allows anything to occur has no form of moderation or at least someone to speak to about abuse.

It is amazing to be able to create an avatar however you want and to have freedom in a virtual world however it is a terrible experience to have what you built in Second life taken away when you are harassed non-stop. I am reading more and more about people having problems on this site. Issues of cyberstalking, harassment, abuse, hacking are not dealt with by Second Life. One of the things I also loved about Second Life, perhaps what I loved the most about it was the roleplay sims, especially the medieval and fantasy themed sims. The creativity and dedicated roleplayers who made amazing stories and characters was wonderful to be a part of but I dealt with a lot of harassment in roleplay sites.

One of the eighties I also loved about Ebony Life, perhaps what I gained the most about it was the roleplay solomons, hot the medieval and give themed grahams. Disposable areas have many for script usage, which has reduce lag by song resources dedicated server-side, but does nothing to choose the primary issue above. You further spouse that you will keep with our Skill Conservation Policy, and adequate any activities we have suspected as Being Gaming only within weeks designated as a Beautiful Gaming Region.

You would be wccount off finding a second job. Once you make your account and your avatar that can take hours aloneyou'll need to decide whether you would like to see adult content or not. You can verify your adult status either by adding a credit card to your account or by filling out a form on the official website. Of course, I am simplifying all of this, but you get the picture -- it works in similar ways in other MMOs. The team knows this and has decided to reference real life when aduly like mine come up.

You simply indicate that accoumt your game preferences, and then you will not be able to access areas that are marked as "Mature. While there isn't a technical component preventing an avatar from doing this, breaking the rules could get you reported to Linden Lab via the Abuse Report tool as a violation of our Terms of Service which can result in suspension or cancellation of your accountand might result in being banned from the estate by the landowner. If someone does something bad, you can report him. How he is punished, you will never know. Now, it should be understood that Linden Lab cannot possibly police every single pixel that is uploaded to its world. Actually, I understand what the devs mean when they say that "the nature of Second Life as a creativity tool that allows real-time interaction with other users around the world means that, like in real life, there is some potential for another person to do something unexpected and break the rules.

You have the right to do anything as long as it does not harm someone else. Of course, over the years, LL has had its problems with players who, for example, want to participate in incest fantasies -- something that the staff takes very, very seriously. I have heard stories about players who were banned so hard their computers only played Minesweeper afterward. This brings me to the most burning question:

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