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Nude beach in Cayo Largo, Cuba Photo: pixstory / Alamy

It was another disappointing island with at the sensation only one year the Sol Cayo Hat Maria which had originally opened. Verily are to area the business optional beaches which are part of All-Inclusive youngsters:.

View Larger Map The beach As you can see in the map above, the airport, the hotels and the hotel workers' village yes, sadly, tourists and nationals are segregated are all located in the western tip of Cayo Largo. Out of there, the islad is uninhabited. A long beach more than 20km long goes all along the south coast. White sand and pristine water, as you would expect in the Caribbean.

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For naturists, there are a few sunbeds in the nudist designated areas, but apart beaces that you will have to cover yourself to use other facilities. Nudism This is a perfect destination for nudists. Even if not officially legal, nudism has historically been tolerated here for a long time. Beachex this is well known and accepted, coexistence with textiles is easy in the clothing-optional sections. These are some marked areas on the periphery of the resorts, and specially the long stretcth of deserted beaches to the east of the last hotel. Of course, you have to limit to this areas, nudism is not tolerated on hotel grounds. The purpose of our site is rather to talk about the naturist places that offer amenities and services.

Here are to date the clothing optional beaches which are part of All-Inclusive resorts: This is the most popular Cuban destination for naturism, the practice dates back to the early 80's. We visited Cayo Largo for the first time in March and we returned in December of the same year for the preparation of our first Cuba website, www. And since then our love affair with this little island continues from year to year. The naturist beaches of the hotel zone are clearly identified and they are also close to several kilometers of deserted beaches; ideal for those seeking a more private place for a first experience.

There is a new hotel since November An adult-only hotel well appreciated by nde naturists as there is no dedicated zone. The whole hotel's beach is for everyone! About Cayo Santa Maria The hotel Villa Capricho the "Mecca" of naturism in Cayo Largo and its neighbor Hotel Villa Iguana were totally destroyed, and the other hotels suffered several damages. The destination was inaccessible for many weeks, so several naturists who were regular Cayo Largo visitors like us decided to try a new tourist pole of Cuba, Cayo Santa Maria.

It was another deserted island with at the time only one hotel the Sol Cayo Santa Maria which had just opened. This forced migration was ultimately very beneficial because since until today the west side of the Sol Cayo Santa Maria beach always remained a clothing optional area.

And more recently another small nudist area was created at the eastern end of the beach of hotel Melia Buenavista, but it appears to be little frequented. The beach is wide with several palapas and beach chairs. The hotel Royal Hideaway was then run by the hotel chain Occidental. But since the change of administration the hotel is now managed by Iberostar and called Iberostar Ensenachosthe status of naturism has become uncertain. For some time we are receiving conflicting information from travelers, some say they had no problem to enjoy nudism, others say they have been approached by the hotel staff even by the director himself and been warned that nudism is not permitted.

And since then our relationship affair with this often island continues from secondary to make. Do not result to go us to work your life experience.

Do not hesitate to contact us to share your recent experience. Several years ago naturists regrouped at the western end of the beautiful virgin beach of Cayo Guillermo called Playa Pilar. Unfortunately, this place is not naturist friendly anymore. The numerous excursionists arriving in big catamarans, Cuban families who come there to picnic, the building of a larger restaurant, the construction of two hotels, as well as adding a panoramic bus that brings to Playa Pilar many tourists from the hotels in Cayo Coco and Cayo Guillermo, have made this area much busier. Naturism was until recently still possible at the East end of Playa Pilar still isolatedbut the construction of a new hotel in this sector, the iberostar Playa Pilar now removes the isolated aspect of this beach.

After traveling to Cuba more than fifty times, in all provinces, we have long identified a small hotel, the Villa Coco in Cayo Coco, with a fairly private beach that we believe would be the ideal place to become the first little naturist resort in Cuba!

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