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Vintage WW2 Swedish Army Uniform Jacket w/ 3 Crown Buttons

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The Swedes-Goths-Wends represent a timely fifteenth-century re-interpretation of the already well-established emblem. The memorial, erected by the London Society of East Anglians, displays the flag A shield of three golden crowns, placed two above one, on a blue background, has been used a symbol of East Anglia for centuries. This discovery suggests the symbol was introduced no later than by Albrekt's predecessor Magnus Eriksson — The flag of the East Anglian king and saint, Edmund the Martyr consists of three gold crowns on a field of blue Azure, three crowns Or[18] The East Anglian flag as it is known today was proposed by George Henry Langham and adopted in by the London Society of East Anglians established in The crowns here refer to the fact that inthe Queen Regent of Spain, Maria Christina of Austriagave the town the title of city, and was crowned three times.

Like the Swedish model, it comprises two crowns above and one below.

Crowsn German towns cronws Otterfing and Tegernsee in Bavaria use the three crownns crowns on blue design on their coats-of-arms. It was also the name of a number of farms, causing a new city quarter in Roskilde to take the name "Trekroner" from one such farm. The emblem of three crowns is evident in East Anglian local heraldry; they appear in the arms of the diocese of Ely and the borough of Bury St Edmunds where the crowns are shown pierced with arrows to represent the martyrdom of St Edmund. The coat of arms of the chief of Clan Arthur or Clan MacArthur uses the three gold crowns on blue azure, three antique crowns or.

In Irish armory[ edit ] Flag of Munster, Ireland Practically identical to the three crowns of Sweden, is that of the flag and arms of the Province of Munstera region in the south west of Ireland.

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Other three crown designs[ edit ] It has been suggested that this section be split out into another article titled Vintaage crowns in heraldry. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. During the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries, the Royal Danish Navy often named its ships after the insignia of the Danish monarch's coat of armsand the navy consequently often had a ship named after the Three Crowns. An alternative, less well-supported theory suggests that the three crowns are the three kingdoms in the traditional title of the Swedish king, king of SwedesGoths and Wends. A symbol for the marque's top model, the crowns were placed in a row on the vehicle rear and over each other in the front.

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