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Deepening Intimacy in Psychotherapy

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The patient is encouraged to acknowledge and discuss emotional responses to the therapist, especially if they seem out of proportion to what has actually transpired in the session itself.

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Proper management of sexualized transference often can be therapeutic, however. Types of Transference In general, transference may manifest CCountertransference as positive, negative, or sexualized. She states that in order to enhance her sense of safety, she developed techniques to control and manipulate her father. Positive transferences are often helpful in therapy if the patient sees the therapist as wise, caring, and concerned. It was not until several cases later that he realized the significance of this transference. J Am Psychoannal Assoc.

She is in private practice in psychoanalysis and psychotherapy in New York City. This allows patients to make connections between what they are feeling in the room with their therapist and their early life experiences, and this enables development and growth. In psychotherapy with a male therapist, a patient might display behavior that is reminiscent of early childhood relationships. Some studies have reported that 95 percent of male therapists and 76 percent of female therapists admit that they felt sexual feelings toward their patients. Florence Rosiello has written an important, pioneering book. Nonetheless, being aware of the potential pitfalls of mismanaging the transference may be critical to helping the patient understand current and early childhood relationships.

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Deepwning this scholarly and incisive account of the psychoanalytic view of the erotic transference, she courageously ventures into territory that has tended to be off limits. The transference relationship is complex and multilayered while being significantly impacted by countertransferential reactions. He initially conceptualized the transference as the patient's attempt to repress childhood experiences.

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